The Simon N. Groot Scholarship in Vietnam07 Nov 2017

East-West Seed Vietnam (Hai Mui Ten Do) will grant Simon N. Groot scholarship for a graduate in an agriculture-related field of study (Agronomy, Plant Breeding, Crop Protection, Biotechnology, etc.) from accredited universities in Vietnam.

Smiles grow with the rice in Viet Nam30 May 2014

La Lay Ha is a 34 year old widow with three children living in Viet Nam. Years ago, she was unable to grow enough rice to feed her family and would buy it to prevent a shortage. In 2010, she learned about a more effective strategy to fertilize her rice crop called fertilizer deep placement (FDP). She decided to try it given the product came together with training provided by the International Development Enterprises (iDE). Today, the same land produces enough rice to last an entire year for her family and the excess is given to neighbours and she encourages other families to follow her and use FDP.