Capacity building through training and field days 27 Nov 2015

Staff from the Agricultural Innovation Program (AIP) for Pakistan know that seeing is believing—which is why they regularly hold training and field days to share knowledge with farmers. 

Reforming a seed system 29 Oct 2015

Onion farmers in Pakistan are fed up with the exorbitant prices and poor quality of onion seed, and they’re doing something about it by reforming their seed supplies.

Building production and marketing capacity of farmer entrepreneurs in Pakistan to develop value chains for apricots, apples and potatoes06 Jul 2015

Spread over about 72,971 km, the northern Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) Region of Pakistan is characterized by its mountainous terrain and remoteness. Unemployment is one of the key causes of poverty of its 1.4 million people that largely depend on agriculture. Increasing commercialization of local products, such as fruits, vegetables and cereals in the recent years, provides important employment opportunities for the region’s indigenous people. To develop such opportunities, Star Farm Pakistan has implemented a project titled ‘Capacity Building of Entrepreneurs of GB’ financed by USAID.

Supporting food safety – Star Farm Pakistan contributes to sustainable agriculture as a GLOBAL G.A.P. Farm Assurer21 Jan 2015

Global G.A.P. is an independent certification system for Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) made up of interlinking mechanisms that ensure the proper development, implementation, improvement, integrity, transparency and harmonization of food safety standards and procedures. The scope of Global G.A.P. includes food safety, environmental protection and farm staff and animal welfare.

New geospatial system to forecast crop yields in Pakistan09 Jan 2015

Agricultural innovation was the key theme of the Workshop on Pakistan Agriculture Information Systems held on 29 October 2014 in Islamabad. At the event, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) made a presentation on a new geospatial system for forecasting crop yields in Pakistan which is expected to increase the accuracy and decrease the costs of annual data collection on crop yields.

Sharing Knowledge on Pro-mountain Policies and Legislation, and the Impact of Climate Change in Pakistan21 Dec 2014

In November 2014, the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) conducted two seminars to promote sharing of knowledge and networking among national partners.  The first seminar took place on 27 November on the occasion of ‘Pakistan-ICIMOD Day’ and focused on pro-mountain policies and legislation. The second event on 10 November was about the impact of climate change on agriculture in Pakistan and its implications for food security.