Yams are herbaceous or woody climbing plants cultivated for their starchy tubers. It is consumed as a vegetable, normally in combination with meat, fish, green vegetables, coconut and spices.
Integrated rice-duck farming makes use of the mutually beneficial relation between ducks and the rice crop to increase rice productivity.
A floating bed, constructed of water hyacinth and other aquatic plants, is used for production of high-value vegetables during the monsoon season, when much arable land is flooded.
Package of protective measures to control eggplant fruit and shoot borer. Reduces costs of crop protection, pesticide use and possible health hazards for growers and consumers. Increases net income.
A sand-based mini-hatchery uses a simple wooden incubator to hatch chicken and duck eggs in rural areas to assure a regular supply of chickens and ducks for income and food security.