‘Crop Rotation’ gives a better way to suppress diseases, its cycle in production And Increased Income

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A Famer, U Kyi lives in Sedo village, Mahlaing Township, dry zone Myanmar. He has been growing onion in one hectare of land since his father gave as Legacy situated northern part of village. During his father production time, yield/ha was nearly about 8 ton /ha according to their records. The yield had been declining from 8 to 5 ton under his management due to outbreak of some crops diseases especially in bacterial soft rot and weather changing but he continued production in his farm with onion growing.The yield was decreased not only in his farm but also other farms in villages. Many peoples migrated to other places to get their source of income due to village main crop yield losses. The farmer U Hla said, ‘Our family member moved to Thailand country side as labor and many of village children were dropped out from school become labor.’

Since last decade, weather near my village had also been changing not only time of monsoon but also amount especially in temperature, rainfall, humidity. The farmers in my village became noticed about their changing due to losses of their crops.

In 2006, I had been taught about crop rotation and its benefit of prevention on soil depletion, maintaining on soil fertility, reduction on the pests' build-up and prevention on diseases at Yezin Agricultural University Myanmar. When I came back to my home after first semester of 2006 study year, I explained about the advantages of crop rotation to the farmer U Kyi. As soon as he understood my knowledge, he split 1 ha farm into four plots and he rotate that four areas growing onion with tomato, peanut and sunflower. After four years of rotation, he grew the whole area of land with onion and the yield was dramatically increased as his father production time of 8 ton/h. Now all of the villagers are practicing in crop rotation like farmer U Kyi and they can solve the problem of soft rot diseases outbreak in their farm.

‘The village farms income have been increasing and the number of school attendance increased and therefore the migrant farmers backed to village and practicing with crop rotation’ said the farmer U Kyi.


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