23 Nov 2016

Different roles of agriculture came from multi-functionality of the agriculture itself. Dr. Akira Nagata, Senior Policy Officer of United Nations University explained multifunctional roles of agriculture, on the first day of Policy Analysis Workshop on the Transition towards Sustainable Agriculture, held in Bogor, Indonesia from 15-17 November 2016.

15 Nov 2016

“People tend to approach SDGs similarly to MDGs, working in silos” stated Prof. Armida Alisjahbana, the Director of Pajajaran University SDG Center, in her presentation during the Policy Analysis Workshop on Transition towards Sustainable Agriculture in the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

15 Nov 2016

Opened by Mr. Stefanus Fotiou, Director Environment and Development Division of ESCAP through the video message, the first day of Policy Analysis Workshop discussed more on the background of Sustainable Development, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the relationship between Sustainable Development Goals and Sustainable Agriculture. In the context of Asia and the Pacific region, Mr. Fotiou highlighted the importance of regional collaboration, linking policy to global discussions and holistic and integration approach for SDGs implementation.

04 Mar 2015

In her presentation to the Policy Dialogue, Dr. Elske Van de Fliert, University of Queensland, Australia highlighted the critical issues of rural advisories for smallholder farmers by defining sustainable development as an increase in production while protecting the environment and ensuring social equity.

23 Feb 2015

“Rice production in Cambodia has increased significantly since 2001 reaching 9.3 million tons on 2 million hectares of agricultural land and engaging 80 per cent of farmers in rice cultivation,” said Mr. Dao Cambodochine, Trade Facilitation Consultant, Asian Synergy Consulting Services Co. Ltd, Cambodia, in his presentation on the role of technology transfer in rice sector for sustainable development during the Policy Dialogue.