04 Mar 2015

In her presentation to the Policy Dialogue, Dr. Elske Van de Fliert, University of Queensland, Australia highlighted the critical issues of rural advisories for smallholder farmers by defining sustainable development as an increase in production while protecting the environment and ensuring social equity.

23 Feb 2015

“Rice production in Cambodia has increased significantly since 2001 reaching 9.3 million tons on 2 million hectares of agricultural land and engaging 80 per cent of farmers in rice cultivation,” said Mr. Dao Cambodochine, Trade Facilitation Consultant, Asian Synergy Consulting Services Co. Ltd, Cambodia, in his presentation on the role of technology transfer in rice sector for sustainable development during the Policy Dialogue.

18 Feb 2015

The gains of technology transfer have not reached all farmers, while productivity growth is declining. The excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers has brought into question the long-term sustainability of Asia-Pacific agricultural production systems. There is also a lack of evidence of what works for smallholders and how the successful use of improved technology can be scaled up. There is, therefore, a need for improved documentation and data management to inform policymaking in support of technology transfer to promote sustainable agriculture, food security and poverty reduction.

18 Feb 2015

Dr. Hannah Jaenicke, Consultant, Project Management and Evaluation, in her presentation to the Policy Dialogue reviewed data and methodological issues in evaluating the role of knowledge networks in technology transfer.

16 Feb 2015

In the afternoon of the first day of the CAPSA Policy Dialogue, participants learned about recent successful attempts to develop an institutional regulatory framework for fisheries in Myanmar’s Ayeyarwaddy Delta region.